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Mission Statement of the IAGC

The International Association of GeoChemistry (IAGC) is a private, not-for-profit international organization committed to excellence in the geochemical sciences that promotes the application of chemistry across the entire spectrum of the earth and environmental sciences. This is accomplished through sponsoring scientific conferences and educational activities, establishing internal specialty-area working groups, and disseminating new geochemical knowledge through scientific publishing. The specific objectives of the IAGC are as follows.

  • Foster the use of the tools and techniques of chemistry to advance the understanding of the earth and its component systems for the benefit of mankind and modern society.
  • Contribute to advancement in geochemical research throughout the world, including both fundamental geochemical research aimed at understanding the global earth system and applied geochemical research that addresses problems of particular relevance to the welfare of mankind and society.
  • Promote international and education cooperation in geochemistry through the following outreach activities.
      • Establish internal specialty-area working groups in topic areas that would benefit from international scientific cooperation.
      • Sponsor international scientific meetings related to geochemistry.
      • Disseminate new knowledge through publication of the journal Applied Geochemistry.
      • Foster communication in geochemistry across the international scientific community.
      • Encouraging the early career development of young geochemists.
      • Contribute to geochemical education.
      • Enhancing the visibility of the science of geochemistry and demonstrate its importance to mankind and society.

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