Applied Geochemistry

Applied Geochemistry is the official journal of the IAGC. Established in 1986, Applied Geochemistry is an impactful international journal which aims to offer a dynamic venue for the global geochemical community to present and share original research, critical reviews, perspective and viewpoints, which have some practical applications or implications to human endeavour and wellbeing. The journal strives to publish rigorous and robust papers for a multidisciplinary and diverse audience of scientists, practitioners, policy makers in the broad environmental geoscience community. Applied Geochemistry facilitated the diffusion of numerous scientifically-novel, policy-changing and thought-leading knowledge in the field.  Applied Geochemistry embraces the global community of geochemical researchers who play the roles as our authors, reviewers, editors and readers. 

AG has been at the forefront of the human endeavours in resource exploration and the (subsequent) environmental protection in the last several decades, serving the geochemical community with a reliable and dynamic source of research and knowledge about the earth systems. Papers on applications of inorganic, organic and isotope geochemistry and geochemical processes are therefore welcome provided they meet the main criterion. Spatial and temporal monitoring case studies are only of interest to our international readership if they present new ideas of broad application. Theoretical and fundamental studies applying geochemical methodologies are also welcome provided they have a well-justified application aspect.

Themes covered include:

  1. Environmental Geochemistry and Biogeochemical Cycling
  2. Hydrogeochemistry and Hydrogeology
  3. Contaminants Processes, Impacts and Remediation
  4. Geochemical Dynamics across Air-Water-Soil Interfaces
  5. Medical Geochemistry and Health
  6. Geochemistry in Environmental Disasters and Sustainability
  7. Mineral and Energy Resources Exploration and Recovery


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