It is within our mission to financial support geochemical analysis for PhD Students, highlight the work of early career scientists and scientists from low- and middle-income countries, and to honor mid-career and senior scientists for their service the field and their scientific contributions.

IAGC-Annual Awards

 Award  Career Stage
Nomination Method
 Student Research Grants (sponsored by Elsevier)  Students  meritorious proposal
 Ebelmen Award  Early Career  peer nomination (download form)
 IAGC Fellows  Mid-Career / Senior Scientists
 peer nomination (download form)
 Harmon Distinguished Service Award  Any Career Stage
 peer nomination (download form)
 Vernadsky Medal  Senior Scientists  peer nomination (download form)
 Hitchon Award  Any Career Stage  Citation metrics
 Kharaka Award  Any Career Stage  peer nomination (download form)


IAGC-Conference Awards

 Award  Career Stage
Nomination Method
 Ingerson Lecturer  Any Career Stage  IAGC Board
 Jin Jingfu Lecturer  Early Career
 peer nomination (download form)
 Faure Award  Students
 ad-hoc committee at IAGC conferences

IAGC-Applied Geochemistry Awards

 Award  Career Stage
Nomination Method
Emerging Investigator Series  Early Career  application
 Excellence in Review
Any Career Stage
AG Associate Editor nomination

Nomination Committee 

Orfan Shouakar-Stash

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences University of Waterloo

Sophie Opfergelt

Earth and Life Institute

Université catholique de Louvain - UCLouvain


Philippe Négrel

Water, Environment, Process Development and Analysis Division


Rim Trabelsi

Laboratory of Radio-Analysis and Environment

National School of Engineering of Sfax

University of Sfax


Eleonora Carol

Geological Research Center

National Scientific and Technical Research Council

National University of La Plata


Noriyoshi Tsuchiya

Graduate School of Environmental Studies,
Tohoku University


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