Applied Isotope Geochemistry (AIG) Working Group

The Applied Isotope Geochemistry (AIG) Working Group of the organizes highly successful biennial conferences focused broadly on the field of applied isotope geochemistry and biogeochemistry. Most recently, AIG-13 was held in conjection with WRI-16 in Tomsk, Russia as part of the 1st IAGC International Conference in July, 2019.

Location Chair(s) Meeting Report Special Issue  
AIG-142023 Sendai, JapanNoriyoshi Tsuchiya   Photos
AIG-13 2019 Tomsk, Russia Natalia Guseva Newsletter 71 pending  
AIG-12 2017 Copper Mountain, Colorado, USA Richard Wanty and Ian Ridley Newsletter 67 pending in Applied Geochemistry  
AIG-11 2015 Orleans, France Romain Millot and Christophe Innocent Newsletter 63 Procedia Earth and Planetary Science (2015) 13, 1-324. Eds. Millot, Negrel  
AIG-10 2013 Budapest, Hungary Attila Demény and István Fórizs Newsletter 59    
AIG-9 2011 Tarragona, Spain Albert Soler and Neus Otero Newsletter 56 Applied Geochemistry (2013) 32, 1-26
Eds. Otero, Bullen
AIG-8 2009 La Malbaie, Quebec, Canada Martine Savard Newsletter 51    
AIG-7 2007 Stellenbosch, South Africa Jodie Miller      
AIG-6 2005 Prague, Czech Republic Martin Novak Newsletter 43 Applied Geochemisry (2008) 23(10) 2799-2966.
Eds. Novak, Bindler
AIG-5 2003 Heron Island, Australia Barry and Judith Batts  

Applied Geochemistry (2003) 20(4) 671-816
Eds. Andrew, Golding

AIG-4 2001 Pacific Grove, California, USA Thomas Bullen and Roger Koopmann      
AIG-3 1999 Orleans, France Jean-Pierre Girard      
AIG-2 1997 Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada Roy Krouse      
AIG-1 1993 Geiranger, Norway Arne Råheim      

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