Hitchon Award

Summary of Award

The IAGC Hitchon Award is given annually to a recent paper of significance published in the IAGC journal,
Applied Geochemistry. This award consists of a framed certificate to the lead author and a complementary 1-year membership to IAGC for all authors for the year following receipt of the award, if not already an IAGC member. The award recipients shall be cited in the IAGC Newsletter and website. The abstract of any paper receiving the Hitchon Award may be reprinted in the IAGC Newsletter after the award is announced.

Award Criteria

Prior to papers published in 2011, the recipient of the Hitchon award was determined by the IAGC Publications Committee, considering any nominations received from the journal's Associate Editors. Beginning in 2016, the criteria were changed to be less subjective. The Hitchon award is now awarded to the Applied Geochemistry paper from 5 years ago (to allow for time to make an impact) that has the most citations according to SCOPUS. These new criteria were first applied to publication year 2011, and awarded in 2016. Additionally, we also recognize three Honorable Mention papers, award to the second through fourth highest citations from 5 years ago.

Hitchon Award Winners

Authors and Reference Year Newsletter Announcement
Gu, Y-G., Gau, Y-P,, Lin, Q. 2016. Contamination, bioaccessibility and human health risk of heavy metals in exposed-lawn soils from 28 urban parks in southern China's largest city, Guangzhou. Applied Geochemistry, 67, 52-58. (131 citations)

2016 awarded in 2021

Number 74, July 2021
Piatak, N.M., Parsons, M.B., Seal, R.R. 2015. Characteristics and environmental aspects of slag: A review. Applied Geochemistry, 57, 236-266. (190 citations)

2015 awarded in 2020

Number 72, July 2020
Guo, H., Wen, D., Liu, Z., Jia, Y., Guo, Q. 2014. A review of high arsenic groundwater in Mainland and Taiwan, China: Distribution, characteristics and geochemical processes. Applied Geochemistry, 41, 196-217. (218 citations)

2014 awarded in 2019

Number 70, July 2019
Haluszczak, L.O., Rose, A.W., Kump, L.R. 2013. Geochemical evaluation of flowback brine from Marcellus gas wells in Pennsylvania, USAApplied Geochemistry28, 55-61 (218 citations)

2013 awarded in 2018

Number 68, August 2018
Ji, Liming, Zhang, Tongwei, Milliken, Kitty L., Qu, Junli. and Zhang, Xiaolong, 2012. Experimental investigation of main controls to methane adsorption in clay-rich rocksApplied Geochemistry27(12), 2533-2545. (120 citations)

2012 awarded in 2017

Number 66, July 2017
Nordstrom, D. Kirk, 2011. Hydrogeochemical processes governing the origin, transport and fate of major and trace elements from mine wastes and mineralized rock to surface waters. Applied Geochemistry, 26, 1777-1791. (87 citations)

2011 awarded in 2016

Number 64, June 2016

(Change in award criteria)

Laurent Charlet, S. Chakraborty, C.A.J. Appelo, G. Roman-Ross, B. Nath, A.A. Ansari, M. Lanson, D. Chatterjee, S. Basu Mallik. 2007. Chemodynamics of an arsenic “hotspot” in a West Bengal aquifer: A field and reactive transport modeling study. Applied Geochemistry, 22: 1273-1292.


Number 52, June 2010
Joris J. Dijkstra, Hans A. van der Sloot, Rob N.J. Comans. 2009. The leaching of major and trace elements from MSWI bottom ash as a function of pH and time. Applied Geochemistry, 21(2): 335-351.


Number 50, May 2009
Ralph L. Seiler, Kenneth G. Stollenwerk, John R. Garbarino. 2008. Factors controlling tungsten concentrations in ground water, Carson Desert, Nevada. Applied Geochemistry, 20(2): 423-441.


Number 49, November 2008
Keara B. Moore, Brenda Ekwurzel, Bradley K. Esser, G. Bryant Hudson, Jean E. Moran. 2007. Sources of groundwater nitrate revealed using residence time and isotope methods. Applied Geochemistry, 21(6): 1016-1029.


Number 47, November 2007

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