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IAGC - International Association of GeoChemistry
Overview of the Awards Pages
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Vernadsky Medal awarded biennially to a single person for a distinguished record of scientific accomplishment in geochemistry over the course of a career
Ebelmen Award awarded biennially to a geochemist of particular merit and outstanding promise less than 35 years old
Harmon Distinguished Service Award bestowed intermittently to recognize outstanding service by an IAGC member to the Association or to the geochemical community that greatly exceeds the normal expectations of voluntary service
IAGC Fellows bestowed annually to no more than two scientists who have made significant contributions to the field of geochemistry
PhD Student Grants awarded to assist PhD students undertaking research in geochemistry to acquire geochemical analyses in support of the student’s dissertation
Hitchon Award awarded annually to a recent paper of significance published in the IAGC journal, Applied Geochemistry
Kharaka Award bestowed annually to deserving scientists from developing countries
Faure Award awarded to the best student research presentation at each IAGC-sponsored conference or IAGC-organized technical session at a major conference
Certificates of Recognition awarded annually to IAGC Members for outstanding scientific accomplishment in a particular area of geochemistry, for excellence in teaching or public service, or for meritorious service to the Association or the international geochemistry community


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