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AG Classics

The celebration of 35 years is a great moment to reflect on Applied Geochemistry’s publication milestones, which often shaped their respective research areas. In our special program “AG Classics,” we select and highlight those key publications. When possible, the journal will invite authors and a few commentators, who work in the same area and might have been influenced by the paper, to create a virtual panel discussion to present their perspectives on the evolution of the topic and identify the current frontiers, knowledge gaps, and research needs. We anticipate that this initiative will engage researchers all over the world with various backgrounds and eventually present valuable documentation of the journal’s history and the discipline of geochemistry at large.

Issue 1. Pauline Smedley discusses her review on arsenic in natural waters

Smedley and Kinniburgh (2002) A review of the source, behaviour and distribution of arsenic in natural waters, AG 17(5) 517-568

In the first issue of AG Classics, Huaming Guo (China University of Geosciences), Lichun Wang (Tianjin University) and Pauline Smedley (British Geological Survey) discuss her 2002 classic paper “A review of the source, behaviour and distribution of arsenic in natural waters.” This is the most highly cited paper on arsenic geochemistry, with over 7400 citations since its publication in 2002. Here, Pauline, Huaming, and Lichun discuss the paper and arsenic geochemistry in natural waters.




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